Personal Profile


I grew up in Southern California with my dad and brother. At a young age my brother and I began working for my father, an inventor, who taught me there is always a way to accomplish one’s goals: create the solution if it’s not in front of you. His positive, solution-oriented approach to life remains the foundation of my principled determination.

I raised my two wonderful children while rushing to and from kids’ programs, school meetings, leading Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts and Little League events and while volunteering as Director for a 110-member children’s choir producing community plays. For many years, I have sung in a variety of acapella groups and directed or participated in community play theater. Music and the arts have been my passion from when I first learned to play the guitar.  I still sing (not well, but none-the-less I love to sing) and I enjoy making cards and paintings for friends and family. I also love, I mean really love, biking and golf.  I have biked the 75-mile trip around Lake Tahoe several times during “Tour de Tahoe” and “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” although that is one long ride! As much as I love biking, I am equally excited about golf, especially that one shot you try to recapture over and over, and … over, again.

In the 1990s, I left private sector to return college to direct my desire for service into municipal government. In graduate school, I luckily stumbled into City Manager, Ray Patchett (20 years as City Manager for the City of Carlsbad). Mr. Patchett became one of my early mentors into the field of executive management for cities. I owe a great deal to his guidance.

In 2013, my son Dustin, who was a young adult at the time, tragically and unexpectedly passed away. From this heart-breaking experience, I have learned the deepest of grace for those who grieve while also expanding my appreciation for the awesomeness of life. The loss of my son has strengthened my resolve to make a difference in the lives of others and remain hopeful, always.

Keeping the focus on the future, I have five lovely granddaughters who keep laughter and silliness at the forefront of life’s purpose. I am happily passionate about public service, work, and life. As someone in in the middle of a great career, I will continue providing great service to the public demonstrating, government can be effective, efficient, and service-oriented. We do understand business must succeed in order for government to have the revenues it needs for public services.

What I know for sure is that life is full of many adventures and I look forward to the learning that comes from each chapter in the journey.