25-year Organizational Development Consultant, Hospital Exec Recommends Nancy Kerry as Outstanding, Principled, and Insightful

It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with and for Nancy Kerry over the past twenty years. This has given me the opportunity to witness the growth and development of her considerable skills in three different municipal government settings, most recently as the City Manager of the City of South Lake Tahoe.

Nancy is an outstanding city manager. To say that she is smart is to dramatically understate the case. But, equally important, she is highly principled and dedicated to the notion that public service is a noble calling deserving of our highest and best efforts. And she is able to engender that spirit among members of her staff.

I have seen Nancy grapple successfully with highly sensitive and extremely complex situations in both the personnel and technical/business spheres of city management. She is compassionate and sensitive and cast-iron tough when she has needed to be. She is also an insightful thinker when it comes to understanding the complicated dynamics involved in municipal governance. There is nothing superficial in her assessments of the myriad and varied situations that confront city managers.

It was my good fortune to be on hand when Nancy delivered a masters class-level presentation on municipal government finance for her City Council. It was as clear and concise – and compelling – as any I have seen before or since. She demonstrated an absolute command of the topic most impressively.

Any organization would be fortunate to have Nancy working on their behalf. She brings unflagging energy, infectious optimism and intellectual rigor to any job she undertakes.

I have worked with quite a few city managers, and I consider Nancy to be among the very best. So, it is my privilege to recommend her without hesitation.

James Boylan

James Boylan

Principal at PathFinders Consulting Alliance

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