Strong Leaders Are A Rarity – Nancy Kerry Assessment

Nancy is a highly talented and thoughtful leader with the ability to attract key managers and executives to benefit of the organization.

The following is a professional and personal assessment of Ms. Nancy Kerry. I have watched Nancy in action as our City Manager for over a decade and observed her leadership style directly for the past 19 months.

First a little context: I worked and led in the Hospital field for over 40 years; in senior executive management positions. I was the President of a two hospital system in the Bay Area for over 21 years; had an operating budget in excess of $240 million dollars, with 2,400 employees, 38 managers and reported directly to a community Board of Directors for the majority of those years. I provide this information not to draw attention to myself, but to provide a context for my words, judgments, and assessment of Nancy Kerry.

Nancy Kerry is a highly talented and thoughtful leader and manager. She has the ability to attract key managers and executives to serve on her team and contribute their abilities towards the benefit of the organization. Employees trust her judgment and managerial style. Also, she inspires confidence and trust among the local citizens and community members. She gets out into the community to seek input on key issues, gather input and feedback about ideas in development, and respond to questions in a forthright manner.

In addition to these attributes, she has vision for the future and wisdom based on decades of practical experience in large complex organizations. All communities in these complex times have issues requiring analysis, understanding, and eventually some course of action. Nothing remains static for very long. Nancy is a creative thinker, routinely involves all the key stakeholders, and finds solutions that solve a majority of issues plaguing a community.

I recommend whole-heartedly that you give Ms. Nancy Kerry careful consideration for whatever senior leadership position you are currently considering.

My Sincere regards,
Michael Marini
President of NorthBay Hospital Group (retired)
Solano County; CA