Frisco Approves Main Street Pedestrian Promenade and LoveFriscoShopFrisco Campaign to Help Local Businesses

The Town of Frisco in an effort to continue their ongoing support for local businesses, approved a Main Street Promenade and a LoveFriscoShopFrisco campaign during May 26th Council meeting. The Town Council authorized up to $100,000 for the effort to support local businesses.

Mayor Pro Tem, Jessica Burley, said “The basic premise is we’re trying to provide a public space to allow patrons, visitors and residents to spread out and utilize our shops, restaurants and other services on Main Street, without having businesses constrained to occupancy limits inside,” said Jessica Burley, a council member who helped develop the idea.

The other idea to create a “#LoveFriscoShopFrisco” campaign is to “incentive consumer spending among residents and visitors who otherwise might be wary of discretionary purchases. The town believes the investment could result in an additional $325,000 in consumer spending — a major boon to businesses.” “It’s a strategy to fit all of these things together and an effort to continue the support this council has given the local business community,” Kerry said. “Like the business assistance program and the grants that have been given out, this is another phase, another strategy to help them be successful.”