South Lake Tahoe Councilmembers Recommend Nancy Kerry

We can attest to Nancy Kerry’s exemplary work performance assisting City Councilmembers to achieve our goals for the City.

Please allow this letter to serve as our recommendation for Nancy Kerry as City Manager. Each of us have worked with Ms. Kerry in her capacity as City Manager for the City of South Lake Tahoe for a number of years. We can attest to her exemplary work performance assisting City Councilmembers to achieve our goals for the City as well as her many close working relationships with employees at all levels within the organization. We have seen her professional demeanor in countless community meetings, City Council meetings and employee meetings.

Ms. Nancy Kerry was an excellent City Manager for South Lake Tahoe. Her breadth of knowledge about municipal government operations, regulatory and legal requirements, and employee relations combined with her creative and strategic approach to resolving issues and recommending solutions, placed the City of South Lake Tahoe on a positive trajectory that our community will benefit from for many years to come. Ms. Kerry also brought “City University,” quarterly all-hands meetings, and employee recognition award programs that improved performance among staff. As a result of her leadership, the City Council adopted meaningful performance measures, achieved and promoted a track record of accomplishments all while doubling our general fund reserves.

We are writing not only to recommend Ms. Kerry as City Manager, but also in the hopes of minimizing concerns from a recruiting firm or City Council in considering Nancy Kerry as City Manager due to her resignation from the City in March, 2018. We can assure you that her decision to resign was not related to her performance or lack thereof, but was entirely a political issue between Councilmembers. Ms. Kerry’s service in the field of City Management should not be tarnished in the way it appears to have been in the press. Ms. Kerry’s tenure at the City was just shy of ten years with nothing less than outstanding service and positive evaluations by the City Council. A few years ago, some employees on their own initiative recognized Ms. Kerry for being an inspirational leader. We agree with their assessment and believe any City Council that selects Nancy Kerry as their City Manager will be similarly encouraged by her ideas, recommendations and performance.

Brooke Laine
City Councilmember & Former Mayor
South Lake Tahoe

Tom Davis
Mayor Pro Tem
South Lake Tahoe

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