Owner of Ski Run Marina Recommends Nancy Kerry

When Nancy Kerry was appointed the City Manager, a breath of fresh air was felt through the city. We were lucky to have someone of her caliber running our city.

To whom it may concern:

I have been the owner of Ski Run Marina in South Lake Tahoe for 15 years. Because I believe in constantly improving my property, I am required to interact with the city and the agencies to receive the proper permits.

It should be known that the city of South Lake Tahoe is a difficult city to attempt improvements because we need to deal with many agencies who have overlapping jurisdiction and are particularly faithful to keeping Lake Tahoe pristine.

Frankly, I struggled for many years before the tenure of Nancy Kerry as the City Manager dealing with interpretations and ambiguities of many regulations. As a property that has 400 feet of lakefront frontage, the welfare of the lake is significant to me, but I had to deal with issues that I could not understand and nor did some of the regulators.

When Nancy Kerry was appointed the City Manager, a breath of fresh air was felt through the city. She understands regulations. She understands issues very deeply. I was often surprised at the depth of her knowledge in so many areas that involved my work. Yet, she also understood well that good development is an environmental benefit as well as a boon to the welfare of the city’s economy.

While she was the City Manager I was encouraged to upgrade my property to a greater degree. She did such a good job for the city, the employees, solving the unintended liabilities that the city faced for the future that I often thought how lucky we were to have a person of her caliber running this small city. I thought that she would be our City Manager for as long as I would be active.

I miss the fact that she is not. Some city will be lucky enough to garner this bundle of energy and talent.

I will gladly provide any other information requested.

M. Elie Alyeshmerni
Owner of Ski Run Marina

Ski Run Marina Owner Recommends Nancy Kerry